Saturday, November 21, 2009

Morning exercise and marching

Section in military refers to a small group of people, usually made of 10. 1 team leader which ranked corporal, 1 helper which ranked lance corporal and 8 privates.

So now I will briefly explain platoon, Platoon is a word used in military group, usually there are 36 people in a platoon. A platoon consist of 3 section, 1 platoon leader, 1 platoon vice leader, 1 runner, 1 signaller and 2 mortar. But the order and amount of people in the platoon may vary according to situation.

In this course we are divided into 2 platoons.

This is platoon 1

This is platoon 2

These are all of us.

We got ourselves is 5th floor, that means we need to climb the stair if we need to change our cloth get our stuff and etc. I think we climb 100++ floors every day.

Everyday we wake up 6stg in the morning, sit at the corridor and wait for others so that we can go down together.

After some song singing, we began our morning exercise.

There are lots of different wears for different situation, cloth changing is an always.

Many styles of exercise were taught by the instructor, many are new to me. Of course all of them are tiring. There are lots of exercise thought out the course. We need to strengthen our body so that we can hold and shoot properly, we also need to trained up so that we can perform well in the field.

After few days of training, when we can accept the daily exercise we are told to carry bag that filled with sand to increase the weight to further train up our body. Above is the weight of the bag being checked to ensure nobody is cheating. LOL

Even though we carrying the bag, the exercise is still the same. So the training is tougher and tougher. But after weeks of training, we are a lot lighter when we do exercise without bag. The training by the instructor is very effective.

We also do our exercise with weapon, but too bad there is no photo of it.

After morning exercise, breakfast!!!!

In every uniform team, marching is a must. We also did our marching at the beginning of the course.

We form a circle and watch how the sarjan march. We just watch and learn, surprisingly all the instructor and shout out the command loud and clear which gives us pressure. All of us try to minimize the error, as mistake of a single person will affect the whole group.

We can stand under the sun for 15 minutes without moving, hard to believe.

Our uniform is being check regularly, so that personal hygiene and tidiness of the uniform must achieve the required level.

1st few days of the marching makes my nose bleed at the night, I guess my body can't take the sun of Malaysia in the beginning. After a few days, I start to get used to it.

After we learn all those basic marching, we taught to march with weapon, this is very cool.

Even thought holding 3.6kg while doing marching is quite tiring, but enjoyed it very much.

Here is one of the exercise video.


kae vin said...

makes me feel like going in next year.


bibi_ong said...

i wan to go back!!!!!!!! can i go training one more time?

shawn kL said...

I tot u confirm goin d? LOL

cannot lo, now u old d.

=chuan guan= said...

who took all those pics?

alan ash said...

u can do it la

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These are the real heroes of the country

KARINA said...

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chris zavos said...

What a lovely blog, I really enjoyed reading it. I too have served the army but in Greece!! Γαστρεντερολόγοι Θεσσαλονίκη.